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Nischidha Imaging Services

Telepathology Services

Telepathology is the electronic transmission of computerized or digital images that can be utilized for diagnostic consultation. The system comprises of a microscope with a mounted digital camera linked to a computer. The pathologist selects the video images for analysis and then submits a diagnostic report.

Nischidha imaging services pvt ltd., is a global Teleradiology and Telepathology service provider and we offer the most advanced and high quality online reporting services with faster turn – around time. Our services include 24X7 support from India to remote areas providing online interpretation of computerized or digital images to suit individual client’s needs.


Telepathology systems are divided into three major types: static image-based systems, real-time systems, and virtual slide systems. Static image systems have significant advantages of being the most sensibly valued and are usable in most settings; however the downside is that just the chosen subset of microscopic fields are transmitted for review by the pathologist. Real-time systems and virtual slides permit a specialist pathologist the chance to evaluate the entire specimen. With real-time systems, the specialist effectively works a microscope located at a distant site – changing focus, illumination, magnification, and field of view at will. Virtual slide systems use a robotized scanner that takes a visual image of the whole slide, which can then be sent to another area for diagnosis.